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You will learn strong and stable self-leadership rooted in self-reflection to maintain motivation, productivity, sense of community, and job satisfaction.

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Learn skills to unload overburdening through wise scheduling and other more comprehensive manners outside the workplace.

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Learn to make even better choices in your life. Identify your true priorities. Balance into all parts of your life. Learn how to renew in the direction you want.

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Six different evening sessions on life management and inner balance. Invigoration, empowerment, and enhancing self-awareness and well-being.

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The benefits of mindfulness

Mindfulness is the skill of complete presence. It is about striving towards a balanced frame of mind in which you accurately, deliberately, and without judgement sense how different aspects of the present affect you in different ways.

By practicing mindfulness you will learn to perceive more, discover more opportunities, understand the viewpoints of others, find solutions, manage stress better, and know how to make use of intuition, your fast-paced problem solving skill.

There is already a fair amount of scientific study about the benefits of mindfulness. This meta-analysis of 29 studies, found that mindfulness has a strong effect on stress and moderately strong effects on depression, anxiety, distress, and quality of life (Khoury, B. et al., 2015).

Another meta-analysis of 17 studies also found a clear positive connection between mindfulness and stress management. The authors strongly advise including a mindfulness-based stress reduction approach as a part of all stress reduction efforts. (Sharma, M. & Rush, S. E., 2014.)

Awakening awareness with diverse methods

  • Brain research at the forefront of leadership development
  • Mindfulness and presence

  • Realized leadership

  • Growing self-confidence

“Intuition is a natural human skill and it can be very useful to learn to leverage it in working life.”

1. Self-leadership

All leadership begins from self-reflection skills. In this training, we will perceive our natural emotional states and behavioral styles in a new way with the aid of the DISC tool. You will learn to understand their underlying mechanisms and regularities.

We will learn to detect how our subjectivity affects the people, things, and situations around us. You will perceive the social systems surrounding you, which are of key importance to your job, and how to improve them.

In the training we will identify your internal motivational factors, which direct your actions and affect your attitudes. Your life management will improve with you recognizing what you already have and what you wish to have more of. You will find new ways to improve your well-being, fulfill your needs, and you will reach a balanced frame of mind.

Strong communication skills and self-leadership enable you to stay objective and solution-driven in all situations. This is particularly important in a manager position. Working becomes easier and cooperation effortless. You will experience and achieve more success in your work. Your motivation, productivity, sense of community, and job satisfaction will all increase along with your new balanced frame of mind.

After the training you are also able to apply your knowledge in perceiving others. When you understand yourself better, working with others becomes easier. Handling the behaviors and quirks of others becomes natural and effortless. No longer will you react strongly to difficult situations, but with a constructive and problem solving frame of mind.

Module contents

  • The core of self-leadership
  • Self-leadership in management positions
  • 7 cornerstones of self-leadership
  • Behavioral styles (Completo DISC)
  • The effects of your behavioral style in the workplace
  • Working with different people in practice
  • Internal motivational factors
  • Consciously leading and developing oneself
  • How to identify the strengths of my style and the strengths of others and develop them?

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Clear understanding about your personality, behavioral style, and leadership style

  • Authentic understanding about the differences of people

  • Practical skills for working with different people

  • Clarity for your personal style of self-leadership through the 7 cornerstones

  • Insights on how to develop yourself and leverage your strengths

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2. Balance in daily work

This training includes practical ways to resolve overburdening through wise scheduling and other more comprehensive manners outside the workplace.

In this training you will understand what happens in a human body in a stressful situation and how to practice active recuperation of the body and mind. Through easy to understand and practical examples, you will increase your awareness of the emotional connection between your mind and body, and learn to better manage your well-being.

Be aware, pause, and let go.

Module contents

  • Short-term and long-term burdening
  • Physiological symptoms of stress
  • Allostasis – changes in the physiological system
  • Resolving overburdening, recuperation
  • The skill to stop and let go
  • Need for recuperation
  • Emotional state
  • The experience and sense of lack of energy
  • Two dimensions of recuperation
  • Neuroception – the activities of the unconscious mind

Benefits in a nutshell

  • You will know how to resolve overburdening situations

  • You will know how to actively recuperate from overburden

  • You will remain the master of your own well-being even in stressful situations

  • You will know your limits and know how to proactively control your workload

  • You will be able to prevent your colleagues and subordinates from experiencing overburdening

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3. Mindfulness

Mindfulness increases your self-awareness and helps you profoundly understand yourself, so that you may make better choices is your life every step of the way. We will learn practical mindfulness skills and techniques that are ready to be applied in your everyday life.

In the light of current brain research, we will learn how the human mind is capable to genuinely renew itself. We will harness our full potential to create something new instead of continuing with the old, entrenched routines.

We will discover the most important and valuable aspects of your life. We will figure out what you could give up and what you couldn’t, not for anything. By recognizing important values, we build a solid foundation for a balanced life and future successes.

We identify the parts of your life that are in the midst of a change and verbalize the direction in which you are growing. You will figure out specifically what you want to cultivate in your life when it comes to attitudes, thought, and feelings. New insights enable you to renew your life, refresh your thinking, and find the next version of you.

Module contents

  • Mindfulness as a tool
  • Awareness and presence in working life
  • Enabling creativity
  • Do I need a change?
  • Renewing thought patterns and the controlled breaking down of old routines
  • Discovering and recognizing your values
  • Means of personal development

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Inner peace, balance, and your own voice strengthen

  • Improved confidence towards your life

  • You will know what new you want to create in your life and how to do it

  • You will make better choices

  • You will discover ways to renew and develop towards your true nature

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4. Balance on the Go workshop

Six different evening sessions on life management and inner balance. These two-hour sessions provide you with invigoration, inspiration, empowerment, and practical skills to increase your self-awareness, mindfulness, and well-being in your everyday working life.

In the workshop you will learn to increase your self-awareness and understand your habits. With your new skills, you will be able to make better choices in your life. By maintaining a conscious presence, you can perceive more precisely all that is happening around you and thus make better educated decisions of where to direct your resources.

We will utilize and draw inspiration from the methods and practices of many teachers. You will also receive reading suggestions and inspiration to continue on your path after the workshop.

Some of the teachers whose methods will be used:

  • Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Dr. Christiane Northrup
  • Davidji, Meditation teacher, former CEO of Deepak Chopra Center
  • Caroline Myss
  • Dr. David R. Hamilton, PhD

The workshop sessions will be recorded. All participants will receive the recordings for their own use after the workshop.

Module contents

The first session

  • Know yourself and others with the positive and constructive DISC tool
  • Your personal Completo DISC self-awareness profile
  • Learning how to best get along with different styles of people

The second session

  • Learning to renew your inner resources with mindfulness practices
  • Finding out why it is worth it to meditate and how to do it
  • Meditation exercises

The third session

  • Recuperation techniques
  • Knowledge and insights on finding a balance in working life
  • Accumulating mental resources

The fourth session

  • Acceptance of yourself, of others, and of occurrences
  • Exercises for letting go of the past
  • Finding a more profound balance

The fifth session

  • Learn about the fight-or-flight response
  • Practices to reducing your acute stress

The sixth session

  • Learning how to build future goals for your life
  • Visualization techniques
  • Empowering ourselves through various visualization exercises

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Growing acceptance towards yourself and others

  • Discover new joy and empowerment from your life and work

  • Inspiration and invigoration

  • You will accumulate positive strength inside you

  • Strength to your inner balance, which will help you on many aspects of life

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