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Completo Coaching offers efficient precision guidance especially for directors, managers, and other key individuals or small groups facing new challenges.

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The Completo mentoring program: cost-efficient knowledge management for many situations. Let’s start making use of the valuable tacit knowledge in your organization.

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1. Coaching

Completo Coaching offers efficient precision guidance especially for directors, managers, other key individuals, and small groups facing new challenges. For example, have you recently been assigned more subordinates or has your job description been expanded? New challenges require renewing old thought models.

From our coaches you will receive targeted, precise guidance on that which you most need it for. Contact us and ask more. We would love to assist you in your future challenges. Almost anyone can benefit from coaching.

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Targeted guidance for your work-related challenges
  • You will learn directly and efficiently from a professional coach

  • Challenges will be solved quickly to enable you to leverage your strengths

  • You will get a solid grip on your new tasks so that you can focus on the essentials

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2. Mentoring

Mentoring offers diverse applications and benefits in human resources development and increasing job satisfaction. Whether you need traditional mentoring or urgently transferring tacit knowledge from retiring employees, the Completo mentoring program has a solution for you.

Mentoring, meaning having a junior employee benefit from the experience and knowledge of senior, is a knowledge transfer method utilized too seldom. But mentoring is not just a one-way teaching framework.

Mentoring is a cost-efficient bidirectional process, whereby mentees as well as mentors receive new perspectives and new content for their work. In mentoring we will open a channel to leverage the valuable cumulative knowledge in your organization.

In the Completo mentoring program both mentees and mentors are trained and coached throughout the whole mentoring program. We can support your HR department in the planning and execution of the program or alternatively, we can take the helm and independently organize the whole mentoring program for you.

The mentoring program is always customized to your organization’s needs. Contact us and let’s survey the situation together.

Mentoring Topics

  • Learning and teaching skills
  • Managing different learning styles
  • How to take into account the strengths of the learner while teaching
  • Conveying expertise
  • Learning tacit knowledge
  • Transferring your understanding of responsibility and motivation

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Cost-efficient way to leverage the cumulative knowledge of the organization

  • Our mentoring program and trainings keep the process on track and efficient

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