Extended DISC® develops awareness

Extended DISC® is a tool for development, training, and recruiting that measures the behavior of individuals. It helps develop self-reflection, self-knowledge, and understanding others. The theory of Extended DISC® is based on the model created by William Moulton Marston, which is grounded partly in the work of Carl Jung.

By recognizing our own Extended DISC® styles we get to understand our spontaneous reactions to different situations and how other perceive our behavior. By becoming aware of our behavioral styles, we gain realize how we tend to act under duress and how we can best cope in these tough situations. Extended DISC® enables a natural manner of fine-tuning your behavior to suit different situations. You will harness behavior as your tool, and you will not get dominated by your behavioral style.

Benefits in a nutshell

  • More success in everyday work
  • Efficiency to sales, customer service, leadership, all kinds of cooperation, and so on
  • Development efforts become more effective
  • Communication becomes effortless and quarrels are avoided
  • Better recruiting decisions
  • Peace of mind at work and elsewhere

Applying DISC in working life

DISC provides practical information about natural strengths, development areas, motivators, and demotivators. It allows everyone to develop their own efficient working style. The knowledge it provides increases awareness and skills to perceive and understand yourself and others.

Completo’s clients have benefited from DISC for example in:

  • leadership and management
  • developing team work and cooperation
  • training and coaching
  • developing sales and purchasing
  • improving customer service
  • accurate recruiting.
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“Extended DISC® supports personal success, helps understand yourself and others in all work-related situations, and provides structure to recruiting.”

The basics of Extended DISC®

When considering the personality, character, and behavioral styles, it is important to note that all three are different. The tool we utilize, Extended DISC®, focuses solely on behavioral styles, to which it provides important insights through a powerful and clear framework. It is a unique way to utilize the insights of behavioral science to suit the needs of today’s working life. It helps collect the right information to develop people and organizations.

Extended DISC® does not pigeonhole and does not assume a static result, but identifies the complexity of the natural behavior of a person and the perceived need to adjust one’s behavior, and clearly visualizes this information. It does not suggest anyone is better than anyone else, but instead describes natural behavioral styles, which can be adjusted. This information is always very helpful for the respondent also.

Trainer, HR-professional, or manager,
Get Extended DISC® certified

We certify you to utilize Extended DISC®, interpret the diverse and customizable individual, pair, and team reports, and unpack the results with the participants maximizing learning.

Our certification provides significant added value to trainings, organizational development, and recruiting. Trainers, coaches, facilitators, consults, leaders, managers, and HR-professionals all benefit from it in developing their expertise and when utilizing it with their clients.

The Extended DISC® certification can also be customized to suit the specific needs of a small group in your organization. The extensive study material is at your disposal after certification. It will support you in your future studies and when encountering new situations, in which to apply your Extended DISC® skills. After the certification you will receive the support you need to start utilizing the tool.

Do you want to be an internationally certified Extended DISC® professional?

Do you want to add Extended DISC® as part of your professional skill set? Do you want to be a part of the international Extended DISC® network, which functions globally in more than 70 languages? Contact us.

The benefits of the certification

  • Learn to apply Extended DISC® in the development of yourself and others
  • The practical framework will direct development effort truly taking into account the strengths of different people
  • The DISC skills get naturally integrated into your work
  • DISC can be used in the development of leadership, sales, customer service, recruiting, and so on
  • DISC is an excellent tool for Team Building
  • You will gain access the most advanced, customizable Extended DISC® reports
  • For a trainer, DISC is a diverse and customizable tool for your own use and to be taught for your clients
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