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In this training we transform customer service into a well-managed and developing process that is sensitive to customer signals.

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The training focuses on customer thinking to enable you to predict and exceed customers’ expectations and strengthen customer relationships.

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The training focuses on multi-modal communication, customer-centricity in all situations, and other advanced customer service skills.

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Create an understanding of the expectations and underlying logic of customers. Serving customers with a style that suits them best brings success.

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Benefits of Realized® Customer Service Training

Good customer service is made up of two parts: resolving the issue at hand and the style of service. The first part alone does not produce customer satisfaction or commitment. Our Realized® Customer Service trainings help you engage your customers and grow your profit margins.

Most of customer experience is formed in direct contact with a customer service representative. Skillful communication is key in ensuring the desired customer service experience and customer satisfaction, both of which are critically important to be measured. In our Realized® Customer Service trainings we determine your meters for success and develop the customer service skills to reach your goals.

The proper handling of moods and attitudes is a crucial prerequisite for the success and efficiency of customer service. As a customer, it is easy to spot the attitude of a customer service representative. Similarly, a customer’s attitude is easily identifiable. As a customer service representative, how to proactively shift the mood when necessary?

With the correct attitude and strong communication skills, the representative can focus on identifying the customer’s true needs and solving their problems. This leads to better customer experience and loyalty, deepening of the customer relationship, as well as additional sales.

The often shunned additional sales has the capacity to provide the customer with an experience of special attention and care. Additionally, surpassing a customer’s expectations gives the customer service representative a well-earned sense of success and extra motivation. This helps lay a strong groundwork for future service situations and more additional sales.

In our Realized® Customer Service trainings we will locate the customer service skills that are critical to your organization, provide you with development plans, develop your efficiency, and enable your customer service organization to create lasting customer relationships.

Tools used in Realized® Customer Service Training

  • Completo DISC Customer Service Representative’s Profile

  • Completo DISC Superior’s Profile

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

  • Customer service quality mapping

  • Mystery shopping

  • Coaching

  • Facilitation

“The essence of customer service is recognizing the customer’s true needs and solving their issues in clever ways.”

1. Managing Customer Service

Managing customer service requires combining knowledge, skills, vision, and motivation into functional processes. Every time a customer interfaces with your organization, the customer relationship is strengthened or weakened. Thus, consistency of customer communication and customer service quality is key in customer service management.

In this training for customer service managers, we develop conscious and goal-directed customer service skills to help keep your customer service promise. These include:

  • Customer service processes
  • Service attitude
  • Service culture
  • Skills to understand customers
  • Recognizing the true needs of customers
  • Surpassing customer expectations
  • Generating a positive customer experience

This customer service management training aims at excellent customer service to recognize the needs of customers and direct the customer towards a solution they would like to have, but don’t yet necessarily know exists.

The customer service training also focuses on managing important processes, such as the systematic utilization of customer feedback. We will provide you with tangible improvements, which benefit your organization and will be noticed by your customers.

Customer Service Training Contents

  • Strategy and values guide customer service
  • Customer service strategy and customer promise
  • The role and mission of customer service in the complete picture
  • Managing different types of customer service organizations: expert organization, help desk, sales, outsourced, etc.
  • Customer-centricity enhancing the efficiency of customer service
  • The particularities of managing customer service
  • Customer experience as a guiding principle when planning processes, functions, and service
  • Customer service quality vs. customer satisfaction
  • Measuring customer satisfaction; utilizing the results
  • Managing problematic situations; processing complaints
  • Tackling resistance to change

Benefits in a nutshell

  • High customer satisfaction

  • Streamlined processes, tasks, roles, and execution; all working in tandem

  • Customer experience guides customer service

  • Consistent and clear customer communication

  • Efficient customer service management

  • Clear customer service culture

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2. Customer Thinking

Customer thinking values customer experience above all in decision making. Customer-centric thinking allows us to find novel ways to meet customer needs, be they expressed or latent. This is combined with an understanding of changing customer behavior to enable you to hear tacit signals from your customers and stay ahead in developing your customer service.

In this customer service training we focus on implementing a versatile understanding of customers: customer thinking. Together, we consider the best ways to support the activities of your customers, and figure out which kind of service is most relevant to your success. We aim at focused and goal-driven customer service to drive success.

We will also tackle the challenging case of additional sales. For many customer service organizations, additional sales is a strategically important measure of success, while at the same time it feels unnatural to many customer service representatives. Customer thinking enables everyone to realize how skillful additional sales is in fact necessary and not a contrived practice at all.

Customer Service Training Contents

  • Customer-centricity
    • Customer thinking – how is it implemented?
    • Proactive customer centricity – predicting customer needs
    • Skills to develop customer thinking
    • Customer satisfaction and customer experience
    • Interconnection between customer behavior and service quality
  • Sales-driven customer service and customer satisfaction
    • Additional sales skills as a competitive advantage and as an integral part of business
    • Skillful additional sales is an essential part of customer service
    • Accommodating additional sales into the role of a customer service representative
    • Step-by-step additional sales process, from identifying a need to closing the deal
    • Speeding up the customer’s decision making

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Strong implementation of the customer thinking mindset

  • Understanding of customer behavior

  • Better customer communication

  • Efficient customer service

  • Strong additional sales skills

  • Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Customers experience they are better taken care of

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3. Developing Customer Service Skills

This is a training for modern customer service challenges and challenging customer service situations. Proficiently dealing with difficult situations provides a special customer experience that helps convince your clients to trust your services in the future. For example, processing complaints is a challenging task that can ultimately lead to improved customer loyalty.

The growing segment of online customer service as well as customer service by phone both pose unique challenges. For example in customer service by phone, a representative has to listen more actively, articulate their attitude more often, and respond even more concisely and clearly than in face-to-face situations.

In this customer service training we solve what your customer communication should be like and how the customers and their needs should be addressed. You will learn advanced customer service skills to successfully convey your positive customer service attitude even in difficult situations, while also solving the customer’s root concerns.

Customer Service Training Contents

  • The role of customer service in generating profits
    • Customer service directly affects a large part of profits
    • The relationship between customer satisfaction and efficiency
    • Customer-centric service
  • Customer service skills
    • Genuine and sincere customer service
    • Efficient communication
    • Asking questions and listening skills
    • Attitude as a tool of customer service
    • Two parts of customer service – solving the issue and how it is done
    • Customer-friendly interaction
  • Difficult customer situations
    • Toolkit for difficult situations
    • Skillful processing of complaints
    • Gaining a customer’s trust
    • Handling nonresponses and counterarguments
  • Particular challenges posed by online service and service by phone
    • Efficient customer service online
    • Special attributes of customer service by phone
    • Examining and forming processes from the perspective of the customer
    • Customer-friendly service communication

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Discover the most efficient customer service practices to elevate customer satisfaction

  • Successful and consistent communication on all communication channels

  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Efficient customer service

  • Strong skills for handling difficult customer service situations constructively and shift them into positive experiences

  • Efficiency in processing complaints

  • Extra motivation for customer service representatives

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4. Serving Different Styles of Customers (DISC)

Completo DISC is a practical tool that guides customer service representatives to better understand customers and to serve them according to each customer’s individual style and logic. Since 80 % of customer satisfaction is made up of how the customer feels they’ve been treated, understanding the customer’s perspective and behavioral style is very important.

Every customer certainly expects to have their issue solved, but also carry many latent expectations when it comes to the style of service. One customer might expect quick and facts-first type of service, while another one might experience that as unnecessarily rude.

In this customer service training enhanced with DISC, we’ll learn to understand the needs and expectations of different styles of customers so that you will be able to serve them better and more efficiently. This is done for example by trimming out unnecessary aspects of service from customers that do not expect them. This equals great time savings and a big boost to efficiency, and customers will thank you for it.

Furthermore, your personal Completo DISC Customer Service Profile included in the training will support you in developing your service capabilities with your strengths in mind. It will describe your natural mode of operation, your style of service, and your behavioral competences in communication situations. It will clarify your strengths and development areas when it comes to customer service and customer communication.

Customer Service Training Contents

  • Different behavioral styles as a practical tool of customer service
  • How to consciously utilize your knowledge of behavioral styles in customer interactions?
  • Adapting your customer service style to each customer with the help of Completo DISC
  • Different styles of service for different customers – how do they get motivated, and how do they make decisions?
  • Customer communication to different styles of customers
  • Directing the service situation to ensure that all styles of customers get a sense of having been understood and a positive service experience
  • What do different customers expect from the style of the service situation?
  • Different DISC-styles at their most difficult
  • Preventing difficult situations by adapting your service style

Benefits in a nutshell

  • High levels of customer loyalty through personal service experiences

  • Unnecessary aspects of service are trimmed out

  • More self-confidence for customer service representatives

  • Deeper understanding of customers’ thinking, concerns, and needs

  • Preventing difficult customer service situations

  • Great quality of service consistently for all customers

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