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A training in modern negotiation skills and tactics to reach your negotiation goals even in difficult or international negotiations, while building lasting trust-based business relationships.

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Gain immediately applicable practical tools and individual guidance to reach your goals in difficult negotiation situations.

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Gain confidence and learn to build and present an interactive, interesting, and convincing presentation to reach the goals of your presentations.

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Benefits of Realized® Negotiation Training

Negotiation is a strategically important and frequently needed practical skill that should be practiced. A negotiation is always a new and organic situation, where success requires careful planning, adaptive and active communication, and persuasive argumentation.

In our Realized® Negotiation Training, you will learn to reach your negotiation goals by thorough planning and managing the negotiation situation through active participation, posing questions, and sensitive communication. A great negotiation outcome and mutual trust is built piece by piece by systematically directing the focus of the negotiation towards the other party’s benefits.

In the Realized® Negotiation model we learn to recognize the balance of power. Keeping this balance in mind and maintaining the other party’s sense of control ensures a higher level of commitment to the agreement.

Our Realized® Negotiation Training enables reaching an agreement that is acceptable for both parties even if the initial goals were significantly divergent. Stalemates usually happen only if situational awareness fails or if negotiation skills are lacking. Nevertheless, because no one is perfect, Realized® Negotiation Training also includes tried and true solutions for resolving stalemate situations.

Tools used in Realized® Negotiation Training

  • Completo DISC Negotiation Profile

  • Sales Capability Assessment® (Development)

  • Sales 18® Profile

  • Negotiation coaching

“Our negotiation trainings help you discover your natural influence and gain a WINWIN mindset to reach your goals even in difficult situations.”

1. WINWIN Negotiation®

WINWIN Negotiation® is an established training method developed by Completo. It has been applied in the training of thousands of negotiators internationally. The negotiation training includes learning a systematic negotiation process as well as psychological know-how of negotiation situations.

WINWIN Negotiation® skills enable you to systematically control the whole negotiation process, from planning to closing, to reach your goals while maintaining a sense of accomplishment for the other party.

In the negotiation training, you will learn how to have an influence over the opinions and notions of others, how to deal with problems, and how to maintain control of the negotiation. You will learn how to gain the trust of the other party and how to form a mutually desirable result while strengthening your relationship long-term.

Included in the training, your personal Completo DISC WINWIN Negotiation® Profile describes your natural negotiation methods and competences, and clarifies your strengths and development areas. It has explicit tips on how you can best reach a WINWIN result with different people.

You will also learn a wide range of special negotiation tactics to shift the focus of the negotiation away from the difficult topic of price and towards the entirety of the customer relationship.

The negotiation training is practical by nature. Each participant gets to practice their own negotiation situations and receives plenty of personal development suggestions as well as practical tools for more success in negotiations.

Negotiation Training Contents

  • Goal-driven control towards a WINWIN result
  • Negotiation strategy, planning, goal-setting
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Technical means to control negotiations
  • Building a constructive and fact-driven negotiation atmosphere
  • Justifying the other party’s benefits and argumentation in difficult situations
  • Tackling and neutralizing negotiation games
  • Personal Completo DISC WINWIN Negotiation® Profile
  • Avoiding stalemates and defensive argumentation
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Benefits in a nutshell

  • Negotiations improve customer relationships and increase mutual trust

  • No more doubt or feelings of hesitation before negotiations

  • Practical guidance to strengthen your negotiation style

  • Understanding of the negotiation tactics and goals of different styles of people

  • Improved communication skills and influence

  • Avoiding stalemates

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2. Difficult Negotiation Situations

The negotiation skills training focuses on preparing and tackling difficult negotiation situations. You will receive immediately applicable practical tools and practices to reach your goals in difficult negotiation situations.

Difficult situations often arise because of strongly diverging goals or incompatible behavioral styles. The negotiation training provides the tools to solve both of these scenarios. The vital requirement is preparation:

  • comprehensive understanding of the initial situation
  • familiarizing yourself with the other party as well as their organization
  • developing suitable negotiation arguments
  • choosing the correct strategy, tactics, and negotiation style.

In the negotiation training, we aim at constructing a comprehensive and farsighted view of negotiations. You will learn how to avoid letting the negotiation turn difficult with a wide range of negotiation tactics and with a comprehensive understanding of the other party.

In addition, you will learn a systematic structure and practices, which help you perform well and maintain trust in a difficult, tense, or emotional negotiation situation despite any possible awkwardness.

Negotiation Training Contents

  • Negotiation strategies and planning for difficult and challenging negotiations
  • Negotiation tactics for difficult negotiations
  • Technical means to control negotiations
  • Tackling and neutralizing negotiation games
  • Justifying the other party’s benefits and argumentation in difficult situations
  • Avoiding stalemates and defensive argumentation
  • Practices and questions to defuse a difficult situation
  • Building trust after a conflict
  • Practicing difficult negotiations

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Ways to systematically deal with difficult negotiations

  • Avoiding stalemates and conflicts

  • Skills to constructively defuse difficult situations

  • Skills to handle the situation when the other party is hostile

  • Practical tools for difficult situations

  • Understanding of the negotiation tactics and goals of different styles of people

  • Improved communication skills and influence

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3. Successful Presentations

Information can be exchanged by email. The purpose of a presentation is more profound: you want to make an impact on the listeners, on their views and opinions, make them think about what you said, or even influence their decision making. The presenter on the other hand is most often more worried about how to make the topic at least somewhat interesting.

We have the solution to both these issues. It is entirely possible to make any presentation interesting and engaging. With this presentation training, you will get the skills to perform convincingly and to build a presentation that will make the audience thank you. Your confidence will get a boost, and stage fright will be considerably lessened.

In this presentation training, you will also learn how to define and clarify the main purpose and goal of your presentation, as well as ways to plan and structure different types of presentations so that you maintain the interest of the audience and reach your goal efficiently.

You will get to practice live for the rest of the group, so you can test your skills, react to surprising incidents, and flexibly steer through them. You will receive most useful, honest, constructive feedback.

No one needs to transform themselves into someone else to present successfully. Everyone has their own strengths and charisma as a performer. You can uphold contact with the audience in as many ways as there are people. While presenting, you just need to be aware and alert. You need to be able to read the audience, which requires practicing.

In this presentation training, we learn ways of engaging the audience, awaken personal interest and insights, as well as long-term learning. Be prepared to let go of your stage fright for good, in a safe and positive atmosphere with the rest of the group.

Presentation Training Contents

  • From sharing information to an interactive and skillful performance
  • Smooth, clear, and deliberate use of language in your presentation
  • The ultimate goal of your presentation directs the all parts of your performance
  • Building interaction as a foundation of all presentations
  • The structure of a presentation
  • Keeping up the interest of the audience throughout the presentation
  • The special challenges and solutions of an online presentation
  • Interaction in an online presentation
  • Practice and constructive feedback – learn from the performances of others as well

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Learn how to plan and construct a convincing presentation in your own style for different situations, including online

  • Learn how to communicate a strong and convincing message that awakens interest and is believed regardless of you being a manager or an expert

  • You will know how to make the audience listen and how to establish contact

  • You know how to achieve efficient interaction and handle questions smoothly

  • You will receive a significant confidence boost

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