Currently it is important to develop new practices and to grow with the change. Improve your competences with our efficient online trainings.

Our passion is to provide our customers with success, new competences, and positive change. Our strength is to harness the potential of your employees for the benefit of your organization. Our mission is to train and coach the leadership, superiors, and employees into new practices and skills. Our goal is enabling people to succeed in work and organizations to succeed in their business.

We provide long-term training and coaching programs as well as one-off trainings for organizations of all sizes, from small groups to seminars of hundreds of participants.

Our concrete and practical training methods and efficient online trainings enable you to take your new skills directly to your daily work.

Personal growth and success in work go hand in hand. Awareness, self-knowledge, and conscious decision making help produce the best results as individuals and in teams.

Completo’s top coaches have the know-how to perform effective training. Our customer feedback always averages at 4 to 5 (scale of 0-5).

In case you don’t know us already, contact us, and you’ll get to discuss your development needs directly with an expert coach.


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“Challenge us. Draw upon our experience to develop your competences, business, practices, and productivity!”


Founder Satu Welling:

Completo was created out of my profound mission to assist people in their challenges. Because we spend a large part of our life at work, I wanted to create practical and concrete training methods and content to support developing competences and managing workload. I think that the most important tool everyone has is how we interact with others. Are we aware of our actions? How do we interact, communicate, make decisions, prioritize, direct, lead, and develop every day. These are the skills that are needed in all positions.

From this foundation I have built and performed a multitude of training and coaching programs for our customers of all sizes. I train international management groups as well as ordinary expert teams. The objective is always to enable the customer to more effectively succeed in their goals by developing awareness, decision making skills, and self-leadership.