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Sales leadership supports sales representatives in development, helps discover best practices and directs towards correct actions and priorities.

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Let’s workshop functional and focused development plans for your sales representatives and teams.

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Best practices for systematic customer relationship management through planning and goal setting.

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Profiling customers with Completo DISC enables you to understand their needs, expectations, and criteria, and sales becomes effortless.

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Let’s make the sales portion of an expert’s job into something natural, meaningful, and effortless.

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Practical skills of goal-driven supplier relationship management and negotiation skills to persuasively justify your purchase proposal.

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Realized® Sales training and development

According to our experience sales directors tend to overemphasize the technical managing and measuring part of their jobs. This provides a unique and useful foundation for a wise sales director to start developing their sales force.

In Realized® Sales training, we utilize focused tools for sales development, for example the Sales Capability Analysis®. It is an established and comprehensive sales focused tool that was developed internationally. It measures 18 predefined Sales Competences® and 12 Sales Mindsets.

The Sales Mindsets are a group of strong and entrenched assumptions or attitudes that describe how a particular sales representative tries to reach their goals. It is vital to identify them because they imperceptibly direct a sales representative’s actions, problem solving, and decision making, having both adverse and beneficial effects.

Completo DISC enables us to familiarize ourselves with the customer as an individual, to understand their logic and decision making style, so as to reach excellent rapport despite a possible difference in behavioral styles. This offers a formidable boost to sales skills.

The next stage of Realized® Sales training usually calls for our Sales 18® Profile, which combines the Sales Capacity Assessment® and Completo DISC Profile. It enables a sales leadership that leverages the behavioral style, knowledge, and strengths of an individual sales representative while developing their specific sales competences. With the Sales 18® Profile, we find the best practices for every representative when it comes to behavior and communication with customers.

Great sales management inspires sales representatives to recognize their development needs and to strengthen their sales skills also by themselves. Motivation levels increase along with more sales successes, leading to better job satisfaction. The end result is a positive feedback loop and a rapid increase in results.

Tools used in Realized® Sales and Purchasing Training

  • Sales Capacity Assessment® (Development)

  • Sales Capacity Assessment® (Recruiting)

  • Sales Capacity Assessment® (Sales Management)

  • Sales Capacity Assessment® team reports

  • Completo DISC Sales Representative’s Profile

  • Completo DISC Purchasing Representative’s Profile

  • Sales 18® Profile

  • Sales coaching

  • Facilitation of sales teams

“It is vital to identify Sales Mindsets. They imperceptibly direct a sales representative’s actions, problem solving, and decision making, having both adverse and beneficial effects.”

1. Sales Leadership

In this sales training we focus on developing sales leadership by better recognizing sales competences. We discover which kinds of competences individual sales representatives of your organization need and how we should develop your leadership to support the growth of these competences.

We utilize an established and comprehensive development tool, the Sales Capability Analysis®, to measure the prevalence of explicitly defined Sales Competences® and Sales Mindsets® in your sales organization.

As a result of the analysis, you will receive a Sales Manager’s report and all necessary team reports to help focus the development of individual representatives, teams, and the whole organization by describing clearly which competences are lacking and where. The reports include tangible directions on how to develop your sales leadership.

The sales representative report accurately pinpoints their strengths and development areas, increases awareness and understanding of the competences needed for one’s job. The report also contains an personal development plan to improve their sales competences and achieve more success in their work.

Sales Leadership Training Contents

  • Sales Capability Assessment® as a tool for sales leadership
  • Developing sales as a sales manager or a superior
  • Coaching in sales leadership
  • Phases of the sales process
  • Sales roles, their strengths and weaknesses
  • Follow-up of sales
  • Giving feedback

Benefits in a nutshell

  • The most important sales competences are discovered

  • Functional tools for the development of sales competences

  • Sales development resources are utilized efficiently

  • The sales process is renewed and improved

  • Core skills of sales leadership are strengthened

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2. Workshop: Developing Sales Competences®

The first Workshop for developing Sales Competences® is a session for the whole sales team in which we utilize personal Sales Capability Assessment® reports. The Sales Capability Analysis® is an established and comprehensive development tool that measures the prevalence of explicitly defined Sales Competences® and Sales Mindsets® in your sales organization.

The Sales Workshop aims at creating awareness and understanding about the competences needed for one’s job as well as discovering personal strengths and development areas. We’ll workshop development plans for representatives and teams to direct development efforts towards the most relevant and necessary competences.

The second Sales Workshop for developing Sales Competences® is held when the sales team has received their Completo DISC Profiles. The Sales 18® Profile combines the data from both assessments.

In the Sales Workshop everyone will discover what kind of sales work best suits their behavioral competences, and which behavioral competences should be developed to best increase their sales competences.

Sales Workshop Contents

  • Sales Competences®
  • Insights from the Sales Capability Assessment®
  • Personal strengths and development areas
  • The most important competences for sales in our organization
  • The team’s strengths and development areas
  • Sales Mindsets® – profound factors affecting sales success
  • New insights from combining Sales Mindsets® with Sales Competences®
  • New insights from combining behavioral competences with Sales Competences®
  • Personal development plan

Benefits in a nutshell

  • A realistic evaluation of Sales Competences® directs work and development

  • A clear understanding of the team’s strengths and development areas

  • Sales representatives learn to leverage their strengths better

  • Sales representatives discover the sales position and style that best suits their strengths

  • Accurate understanding of how Sales Mindsets® affect sales results

  • Practical sales development plans

  • Advanced skills to benefit even the most senior sales reps

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3. Customer Relationship Management

A sales training for the whole sales team to discover customer thinking, customer relationship management and development. We direct your sales team to control your customer relationships systematically with planning, goal setting, and consistency.

In this sales training, we will build and learn a customer-oriented approach to reach customer relationship development goals.

We’ll define guidelines and subgoals to systematically direct sales representatives in sales situations. This gives a tangible skill boost to even the most senior sales representatives.

Customer thinking, sincere customer understanding, tenacity, and a skill to close deals underlays reaching numeric sales goals. We develop practices of long-term customer follow-up and sensitivity to identify customer needs. It is vital to hear and understand what a particular customer values, when to act, and how to direct the customer relationship towards added value for both.

Sales Training Contents

  • Managing customer relationships
  • Goals of customer relationship management
  • A strategy for customer relationship management
  • The rainbow of customer relationship management
  • Customer thinking, customer-centricity
  • Developing customer relationships at a personal level
  • Systematic process for sales situations
  • The process for creating long-term customer relationships

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Clarity in customer relationship management and customer strategies

  • Improved recognition and capitalization of sales opportunities

  • Predicting needs of existing customers

  • Strong practical skills to manage customer relationships in sales situations and otherwise

  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • More efficient sales

  • Higher added value for the customer

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4. Sales to Different DISC-styles

This sales training utilized Completo DISC to illustrate individual differences by placing sales representatives and customers into a two-axis space delimited by four archetypal behavioral styles. Recognizing their natural style enables effortless development of their strengths and finding agile solutions to overcome weaknesses.

Skillful sales is made up of competent communication, listening, and relevant customer-specific argumentation. A sales representative must listen keenly, recognize customers’ needs sensitively, and also continuously improve their own practices by learning from their customers. Understanding one’s customers and their language is a prerequisite to communicating customer benefits in an effective manner.

Profiling customers with Completo DISC is an efficient way to quickly map out their criteria, priorities, and decision making style. DISC makes your communication systematic and strengthens your skills to close deals. Sales becomes effortless.

In this sales training we will form sales process guidelines and sub-goals to systematically direct sales representatives in sales situations. A systematic sales process together with the behavioral understanding that DISC provides enables sales representatives to autonomously direct their actions and adjust their communication style to close deals efficiently.

Sales Training Contents

  • Developing sales styles
  • Leveraging the strengths of your personal sales style
  • Selling to different customers with Completo DISC
  • Developing sales tactics with DISC
  • Customer profiling before and in a sales situation
  • Systematic sales process and sub-goals
  • Communication, listening, and interaction in sales situations
  • Closing a sale from the perspective of different DISC-styles

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Goal-driven management of the sales situation

  • Being able to approach customers on a personal level

  • Understanding the needs and decision making processes of customers through DISC

  • Sales reps have an improved situational awareness

  • Sales reps learn to fluently adapt their behavior to suit the customer

  • Sales reps hear more and are able to capitalize on it

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5. An Expert as a Sales Representative

An expert’s contribution in customer relationship management is fundamental. With their actions and communication, an expert persistently build trust to their organization and services. The same facts apply, be the customers internal or external. Experts are almost always accountable for additional sales. Often this is not perceived as meaningful or natural.

Through this sales training, the sales portion of an expert’s job will become natural, meaningful, and successful through new skills and new understanding. Improved customer communication skills and a clearer perception of customer benefits are at the foundation of being able to effortlessly perform additional sales while maintaining trust and customer satisfaction.

The sales training provides practical tools for everyday use to leverage your expertise for additional sales, for identifying sales possibilities, and for building trust and long-term customer relationships.

Customer relationships will deepen and experts will get more relevant challenges to solve. Thus we shape the practices of experts into an important competitive tool.

Sales Training Contents

  • From subject expert to expert of customer relationships
  • Customer satisfaction as a foundation of efficient business
  • Communication between expert and customer
  • Rules of customer communication
  • Practical additional sales tools for experts
  • Identifying and awaking customer needs
  • Identifying and communicating customer benefits
  • Building trust

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Customers will experience increased added value

  • Additional sales becomes natural and meaningful

  • Customer relationship management improves by leveraging expertise

  • You’ll learn to consider the customer’s perspective and offer apt suggestions

  • Confidence for proactive customer communication

  • Building and maintaining customer satisfaction becomes second nature

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6. Purchasing Skills

According to our experience, the development of purchasing skills is a growing area of interest. Many organizations have recognized the formidable advantage that skillful strategic, tactical, and operational supplier management provides.

When purchasing representatives know the goals of supplier relationships and learn how to manage each supplier from past experience and foreknowledge, they have already taken big leaps forward. Almost without exception we find that these processes are not clear although the purchasing management may think so.

Purchasing skills are closely linked to communication skills and directing a conversation, negotiation skills, and justifying purchase proposals so that the other party will perceive them as advantageous.

Justifying a lower purchasing price is often reported as the most challenging part of purchasing negotiations. In our purchasing training we learn the solution: actively managing the purchasing process so as not to end up on a defensive stance and lose a potentially strong negotiation position.

Purchasing Training Contents

  • Strategic and tactical supplier relationship management
  • Practical plans for directing supplier relationships
  • Purchasing skills
  • Purchasing negotiation skills
  • Controlling a purchasing situation
  • Justifying a purchase proposal
  • Operating with a large supplier as a small buyer
  • Purchasing from international suppliers
  • Challenging purchasing situations
  • Building trust and a strong cooperative relationship

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Better purchasing agreements

  • More stable purchasing relations

  • Significant cost reductions along with each new purchasing agreement

  • Purchasing goals are reached

  • Means of operating with large and international suppliers are gained

  • Mutual practices and culture of learning for the purchasing team

  • New and relevant solutions to your challenges are workshopped

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