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A practical training in People Leadership to take advantage of the whole potential of your diverse team members.

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A Performance Management Training with the skills to increase goal-direction, give constructive feedback, and tackle underachievement.

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The means to lead continuous change: long-term communication, involving employees, inducing willingness to learn new skills, concrete measures for daily work.

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A power pack for everyday leadership: delegating, prioritizing, giving feedback, motivation management, etc.

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A Strategic Management Training with the skills for visionary thinking, strategy formation, and efficient implementation.

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Thriving leaders keep learning and stay curious

Are you managing constant change and challenges? Has your organization’s strategy changed? The responsibilities of leaders expand, but expectations remain at least as high as before.

The success of an organization is grounded in good leadership, from vision to implementation. Results and motivation levels are either developed with wise leadership or crumble in the wake of leadership problems.

Best results are achieved when the management focuses also on the human aspect. Wise leadership optimizes the efficiency, well-being, and job satisfaction of employees by taking into account their strengths.

Developing leadership is a continuous process. We tend to say that leadership starts with observations and self-reflection. In our Realized® training, we train you to lead people towards a strong, goal-driven mindset and result. Engage your people, make them ready for change, and make them into a positive force that drives the organization forward. This makes implementation of strategies, decision making, and performance management effortless.

Our Realized® Leadership trainings offer practical tools for a solution-oriented method to defuse difficult situations. Enhance your leadership skills, interaction skills, and leadership communication.

We believe that profound learning in these topics occurs only by learning from experience, interaction, and practice. That is why Completo’s Realized® Leadership training is based on practicing and learning together.

Tools used in Realized® Leadership Training

  • 360° Leadership Assessment

  • Completo DISC Leadership Profile

  • Individual coaching

  • Facilitation

  • Reasoning Analysis Assessment

“An aware leader is burdened less, but achieves more.”

1. People Leadership

This is a training on the leadership of a diverse workforce. We focus on people leadership to reach your subordinates on an individual level. The training will help you improve teamwork, team cohesion, cooperation, motivation, job satisfaction, and commitment.

In this leadership training, we coach you to utilize communication as a conscious leadership tool. We provide you with the skills to best leverage diversity in your team by guiding subordinates to use their strengths. You cannot lead everyone with the same formula as individuals differ in their logic, communication, ways of working, mechanisms of motivation, and commitment.

Completo DISC

In this leadership training, we make use of the highly practical DISC-model to better understand and lead different people. With DISC, we figure out how everyone can succeed in the most natural way for them. DISC does not measure or rate people according to skill or worth.

During the leadership training, you will receive your personal Completo DISC Profile. Exploring it will increase your self-knowledge and build your awareness in a constructive way. The Profile describes your natural competences in leadership and communication situations, and functions as a personal map to truly understand and lead different styles of people.

Leadership Training Contents

  • The effects of your own behavior in leadership situations
  • Recognizing your leadership style and the styles of your employees (Completo DISC)
  • The conscious leadership of different DISC-styles in practice
  • Building trust in leader-employee relationships
  • The strengths of different styles and guiding them towards their goals
  • Understanding the working styles of your team members – how they prioritize, what motivates them, how they make decisions
  • Developing your team members based on their strengths

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Clarity and skill to your leadership style
  • New ideas on how to develop individuals and your team
  • Efficiently functioning team
  • Take advantage of your team’s diverse skills
  • Increase motivation and sense of purpose
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2. Performance Management

This Performance Management Training has been created to answer the demand for practical measures of guiding performance in the everyday work of employees and how to tackle underachievement. According to our experience, organizations usually have set out principles of performance management, but the understanding of how to implement them in practice is lacking.

Performance management means directing employees to work in a goal-directed way, and to prioritize, organize, and schedule their work correctly. Performance management needs to be frequent and the manager needs to be determined.

This Performance Management Training gives you the skills to enable your subordinates to reach their best by knowing exactly what is expected of them. We will learn the best practices for goal-setting and methods of follow-up. By utilizing DISC, we will find out the best ways to motivate different subordinates to work in a goal-directed manner. A transparent ruleset and clear personal goals also increase job satisfaction.

A failure in performance management usually leads into underachievement. It usually happens unnoticed, until intervention becomes very difficult. This training gives you practical ways to address underachievement in a constructive and motivating manner. You will be able to fix underachievement and restore the employee’s performance, goal-driven attitude, motivation, and trust in the organization and the manager.

Performance Management Training Contents

  • Everyday performance management
  • Establish and maintain a strong and goal-driven approach
  • Objectives, organizing, management
  • Directing time use
  • Monitoring and following-up in performance management
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Completo DISC Leadership Profile
  • Vital leadership skills for successful performance management
  • Addressing underachievement
  • Ways to turn underachievement back into productive work

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Everyone will perform at their best
  • Working becomes goal-directed

  • Efficient time management and prioritizing
  • Motivation and commitment increase
  • Fix underachievement
  • Job satisfaction improves
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3. Change Management

The human aspect in change situations is both the greatest strength and the greatest decelerator. When changes are implemented, the facts are usually provided, but they are not made concrete on the level of tasks and everyday functions. This does not increase awareness of the need to personally learn new abilities or skills, which is a critical factor if changes are to succeed.

The leadership training will provide you with the means to drive, manage, and implement change. We will especially focus on the role of communication in change management: increasing employee involvement, simplifying participation, increasing commitment, and helping employees let go of old working habits and take responsibility of implementing change in their own role and tasks.

We will train you to recognize and defuse negative phenomena in the change process, change traps. These are phenomena that seldom are recognized in the hubbub of change, but which, at their worst, may cause the entire organization to grind to a halt. Often changes are implemented by pushing them through the organization without listening for a response. However, by investing in understanding and defusing these change traps, the change stays on schedule easier and even large changes can be implemented with less adverse effects.

The change management training will also provide you with skills to best use change agents to manage and implement change. Change agents are key persons, motivated to implement the changes on all levels of the organization. Their role in clarifying the facts and details of the change as well as positively affecting the attitudes of people is vital.

Change Management Training Contents

  • Successful leadership in change situations
  • Constructive change management
  • Levels of change
  • Forces of change and the capacity for change
  • Creating a culture of change
  • The change agent – an envoy of positivity
  • A change communication model
  • Guiding towards permanent change
  • Handling and overcoming change resistance and building commitment
  • Defusing drama and hidden communication
  • DISC-styles in change, reactions, and how to lead different people in change
  • The challenge and necessity of keeping up with permanent change
  • Five constructive measures to implement change

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Integration of change is faster

  • Maintain efficiency during the change process

  • The feeling of threat from change diminishes

  • Learn to understand and handle distress behavior

  • Improve change communication

  • Successfully implement changes by efficiently engaging everyone in the process

  • The whole organization learns to embrace future changes efficiently and quickly

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4. Toolkit for Everyday Leadership

This leadership training brings results to everyday leadership. The training gives you the tools to ensure that the people in your team can efficiently concentrate on their tasks. We coach you to coach your subordinates so that schedules are met and internal communication works.

The leadership training focuses on constructive interaction and communication skills because, after all, all leadership is interaction. We coach you to use feedback as an everyday leadership tool. This requires patience and discretion.

We also address skillful delegation for efficiency and knowledge management. Almost everyone perceives their workload as very large, which makes prioritizing a key skill. We will learn to differentiate between tasks that require high precision and those that can be accomplished with fewer resources.

Are you aware of your own factors of motivation? They guide your actions, affect your attitudes, and are probably visible in your behavioral patterns. A motivated staff enjoys a healthy, positive attitude and is, according to many studies, more likely to achieve goals and succeed. (Losada & Heaphy, 2004; Meneghel, Saranova & Martínez, 2014; Pentland, 2012; West, Patera & Carsten, 2009.)

In this leadership training, we draw on psychology and research, and develop concrete, tailored solution models for you. The training will provide you with the tools to continue your personal leadership development along with your daily work.

Completo DISC

The Completo DISC Leadership Profile lets you discover your natural behavioral style and competences in leadership situations. Completo DISC gives practical insights into what sort of leadership different subordinates require.

Leadership Training Contents

  • Everyday leadership
  • Leadership is interaction, email can be used for management duties
  • Everyday leadership of different DISC-styles
  • My personal Completo DISC Leaderhip Profile, strengths and development areas
  • How to communicate concretely, clearly, and unambiguously
  • Understanding diversity and leverage it for leadership
  • Challenging leadership communication situations
  • Practical tools for communicating clearly through different channels
  • Delegation and its role in motivation
  • Prioritizing of own and subordinates’ tasks
  • Concrete measures to trickle organizational goals into practice
  • A practical method for providing constructive feedback
  • Inspiring and maintaining motivation
  • Building a motivation toolkit for your team
  • How are different DISC-styles motivated and how to maintain motivation?

Benefits in a nutshell

  • More light on your own and others’ motivation

  • Learn how big of an impact motivation really has on results

  • An organizational culture, where everyone has the ownership of their own potential – this accelerates learning

  • Learn how to recognize and defuse stress behavior

  • With motivated people, results will quickly improve

  • Job satisfaction will increase considerably

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5. Strategic Management – From Vision to Implementation

A twofold training for Top Management and Management Groups in visionary thinking and strategy building as well as the implementation of strategy. We will emphasize the parts that best serve your development needs.

Strategy and Vision

The world changes constantly and relying on past data makes you vulnerable. Leaders should mainly look ahead, listen for quiet signals, and focus on predicting the future. In addition to solid business skills, the most successful leaders have an excellent intuition that helps them quickly interpret facts and complements their understanding of industry movements.

In this Strategic Leadership Training we will carry out a strategic process to clarify the goals, vision, and mission of your organization. We develop your strategic and visionary thinking. We create efficient practices to enable leaders on an individual level and together as a Management Group to create new possibilities and direction for the organization.

Implementation of Strategy

According to management research, over 70 % of strategies fail to produce desired results because of insufficient implementation. The responsibility of implementation lies with the top and middle management. A strategic change can be realized only if everyone understands their part in the big picture.

In this Strategic Management Training we focus on how to implement and communicate the desired strategic big picture so that it will direct everyone’s behavior by clarifying goals and helping reach them. We build a framework for the development of a business leadership action plan, including the methods of communication, motivation, and follow-up.

We often see in our client organizations just how critical successful implementation really is and that it is seldom carried out with enough care. Informing is only the very beginning of implementation. After that we need to systematically convert the strategy into practical objectives for each organizational level. In the Strategic Management Training, we learn a Strategic Implementation Model, which increases motivation, efficiency, and commitment.

Strategic Management Training Contents

  • Strategic leadership as a tool for the Management Group
  • Strategic direction of the organization
  • Looking ahead, sensing quiet signals, prediction skills
  • Harnessing your visionary thinking skills and building the organization’s vision
  • Reviewing your mission – task and purpose
  • The big picture of our organization – how to communicate it?
  • What does the big picture and reaching set goals require from your personnel?
  • An efficient Strategic Implementation Model drives change
  • Creating a sense of urgency to improve the chances of success
  • Constructive and active follow-up through two-way feedback

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Succeed in effectively implementing a new strategy or change in minimum time
  • Crystal clear strategic role for Top Management and the Management Group
  • Easier to predict the future
  • Efficiently take advantage of the improved and versatile visionary skills of the leaders
  • Increased motivation, proactivity, and taking initiative
  • Improved internal strategic communication and communication culture
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