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A Management Group training to ensure that the big picture guides everyone, clarifies objectives and facilitates reaching them, motivates, and induces commitment.

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Develop the Management Group’s strategic thinking skills. Focus on building the future in wise cooperation.

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More efficient decision making and wiser decisions by developing concrete working methods and a systematic approach.

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The efficiency of a Management Group relies on common trust, knowing each other well, and utilizing each other’s strengths without a power struggle.

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The Management Group is most important team of an organization

It is vital for the success of any organization that the Management Group functions well. The Management Group should let go of any operational tasks and turn its attention to long-term strategic planning and ensuring future competitiveness.

Management Group members need a clear understanding of the organization’s big picture and a strategic vision of how to reach the main goals. Management Group members have a major impact on policy decisions in addition to representing the interests of their own business area. Our Realized® Management Group trainings are developed to greatly improve your Management Group’s skills to perform this multifaceted task.

In our Realized® Management Group training, we develop and strengthen management skills and leadership, the recognizing of strategic entities, methods for working efficiently, as well as skills for cooperation and visionary planning. With us you will develop on a practical level and gain concrete tools and solutions.

In our Realized® Management Group training we will find the solutions for how to best utilize the different views, opinions, and diverse expertise of your Management Group members. Together, we will build an optimal working, cooperation, and communication model. We will shape goal-driven dialogue into a tool for proactive decision-making. If needed, we can also reorganize and streamline all other Management Group practices and policies from the ground up.

Reaching successful and efficient Management Group practices is not necessarily a time-consuming process. With the support of our coaches and Realized® training, major results in the quality of work can be reached in just a few months.

Tools used in Realized® Management Group Training

  • Completo DISC Management Group Member’s Profile

  • Completo DISC Management Group Team Analysis

  • 360° Leadership Assessment

  • Efficient Organization Survey

  • Management Group’s Decision Making Models Assessment

“We reached our goal – today, our Management Group works seamlessly together as a team and is on an entirely new strategic level.”

1. Lead the Big Picture

As trainers we repeatedly find out that even top performing managers and experts, let alone the rest of the operative personnel, are not aware of their organization’s big picture.

According to management research, over 70 % of strategies fail to produce wanted results, because of deficient implementation. The responsibility of implementation lies with the top management and superiors. It is their task to figure out how to convert the strategy into practice and thus produce results. A strategy can be realized only if everyone understands the whole and their part in the big picture.

In this Management Group training we well focus on how to lead the big picture. We will clarify and build the big picture, and figure out ways to communicate it effectively. We will work out how to implement it so that it directs everyone in their actions, clarifies everyone’s individual goals, as well as supports reaching those goals.

The big picture is implemented with the help of a meticulous action plan, correct communication, by motivating everyone, and by following up systematically. Time after time, we witness how a clear and well-implemented big picture provides our client organizations with a great boost in motivation and efficiency, as well as commitment to the organization, one’s superior, and team.

We will enable you to successfully implement the big picture in a way that lets everyone know why their contribution is important and how it should be done. This helps employees become more engaged and motivated.

Management Group Training Contents

  • What is the big picture of our organization?
  • How to build the big picture and create a new sustaining theme
  • What does the big picture and reaching set goals require from the personnel?
  • How to make it all concrete and not just information
  • How to continuously set an example with your own actions?
  • How to drive change using the big picture
  • How to follow-up on success and take the next steps

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Clarify the big picture for the Management Group

  • Efficient implementation of strategy

  • Strategy directs setting goals

  • Priorities are discovered

  • Increased proactivity and initiative

  • Improved motivation throughout the organization

  • Increased productivity

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2. Strategic Management in Practice

The Management Group should mainly look into the future. Predicting the future and forming scenarios from both clear and quiet signals should always be under discussion. The most successful executive managers have an excellent intuition that helps them quickly interpret facts and figures, and complements their understanding of shifts in the business area.

The future is not a copy of the past. If it were, there would be no creativity, which seldom makes for sustainable business. If you only rely on data from the past, you will be vulnerable. The world changes constantly. As a leader, you need to remain curious.

The Management Group training will awaken your visionary sense, the ability to use both the right and left sides of your brain. This way you can create new possibilities and take a new direction with your organization. In our experience, many Management Groups urgently need more skills and concrete practices to help them plan and carry out strategic work for the future.

In this Management Group training we develop strategic leadership and the visionary skills of executives. Together, we will carry out the strategic process needed to clarify the goals, vision, and mission of the organization. We will develop your strategic as well as visionary thinking and create efficient and sustainable practices to continue leveraging these in the future.

Management Group Training Contents

  • Strategic leadership
  • Visionary thinking
  • Building the company’s vision
  • Mission – task and purpose
  • Looking into the future, scenarios and predictions
  • Predicting and strategically guiding your organization
  • Creativity and techniques for novel thinking
  • Implementation of the strategy throughout the organization
  • Internal strategic communication

Benefits in a nutshell

  • The strategic role of the Management Group crystallizes

  • Strategy directs setting goals

  • Easier to predict the future

  • Improved and more versatile visionary skills by utilizing the different strategic views in the Management Group

  • The creativity of the Management Group is efficiently leveraged in development

  • Improved strategic communication

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3. An Efficient Management Group

The capacity of a Management Group to steer their organization into the future is largely dependent on cooperation skills. The essence of success in the work of a Management Group consists of excellent communication skills and the correct level of discussion. Well-functioning communication facilitates common decision making and is the basis for optimally steering the organization forward.

We coach your Management Group to work seamlessly together, to improve communication, and to make enough room for strategic work and planning. In the Management Group training we develop and clarify systematic working methods and practices, yearly planning, and structure of meetings.

In this Management Group training, we also dive deeper into a most essential part of working within the Management Group: developing systematic decision-making practices. In this we utilize a decision-making rationalization test developed in-house.

To make wise decisions, Management Groups need to utilize a systematic dialogue-based decision-making process to leverage the diverse opinions, visions, skills, and efforts of its members. This requires that each member of the group clearly recognizes their own role and knows how to participate efficiently.

In our experience, many Management Groups often do not realize they need specific skills for decision making. This need becomes visible when the Management Group members have difficulty explaining how they have reached a certain decision.

Management Group Training Contents

  • The Management Group members as cooperative leaders of the organization, their role as a Management Group member, their role as an executive
  • The vision and mission of a Management Group
  • The work structure of a Management Group
  • The yearly work plan and meeting schedule and purpose
  • Developing interaction within the Management Group, skillful conversation and dialogue
  • How to build trust?
  • Decision making in the Management Group
  • Models for decision making, test, and results
  • Forming a common vision in the Management Group on the future of the company and the required leadership

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Clarifying the mission and vision of the Management Group

  • Structured working methods for the Management Group

  • Well-functioning communication and combining diverse skills make for wiser decisions

  • Improved trust and interaction

  • Optimized meetings and agendas

  • A common model for decision making is discovered

  • Cliques and biases are defused

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4. Management Group Team Building – Personalities, Interaction, and Group Dynamics

In a strong Management Group, the members know each other and can use each other’s specific skills and diverse opinions without a power struggle. To produce solid business results, the Management Group needs to build strong common trust and advanced team culture. To benefit from our different strengths, we need to know each other’s logic and behavioral style.

In the Management Group Team Building, we build empowerment through well-functioning interaction and dialogue. We increase self-knowledge and get to know the different personalities within your management group.

In this Management Group teamwork training we use this knowledge to build a culture of close cooperation and teamwork, and a sense of common responsibility. Everyone’s true strengths are discovered and recognized. Trust between members of the group increases and induces commitment.

Completo DISC

To reach these results, we use the Completo DISC Management Group Member’s Profile, the Completo DISC Management Group Chart, as well as an analysis of strengths and areas of development. By analyzing the group dynamics, we enable success by leveraging strengths and discovering development needs, and by workshopping creative and new solutions.

Management Group Training Contents

  • The personalities within the Management Group, Completo DISC Management Group Member’s Profile
  • Reaching goals through trust and strong interaction
  • Completo DISC Management Group chart, Management Group dynamics
  • Forming a common vision in the Management Group on the future of the company and the required leadership
  • The sought-after teamwork culture of the Management Group
  • The strengths and development areas in the functioning of the Management Group
  • Developing a sustainable work method

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Cooperation becomes easier and more efficient

  • Completo DISC supports the management group members in getting to know each other better and to understand each other’s natural styles of working

  • Improved group dynamics

  • The group is strengthened by drawing on its diversity

  • Stronger trust between all team members

  • Increased commitment

  • The management group starts aiming at building a common future

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